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Free Membership to is a free forum for those of us that observe our Second Amendment rights.  Not just about shotguns either.  Other topics and News about the firearm Industry.

This is an adult forum with none of the silly mess found on others.  Members respect each other and when disagreeing will do so respectfully.  I am the owner and I pick the monitors so we assure there is no silliness.

Readership is high but posting is not.  This tells me that due to the past history of the popular forums people are not comfortable posting.  You can post topics, comments, questions on this forum with assurance their will be no disrespect.

From time to time I will posting discount coupons for my store and will only post them of the Forum.   Also, as a member you have access to a Remington Factory Certified Armorer for free and can call and get input to your Remington shotgun issues.  I can talk you through most fixes and if it is not something you can do, when you do go to a gun smith you will know what needs done.