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AI&P Tactical Gun Slings has moved here

Posted by JD McGuire, owner AI&P LLC on Jun 18th 2019

After several successful years on Go Daddy the Wells Fargo Bank and Stripe payment processing decided I could not longer use their services because I sold gun parts.  Go Daddy only offered Stripe, Square and Pay Pal on my template store and pay pal said no barrel and the other have the same rules as stripe.  So, I had to find somewhere that I could use my e-processing that I have had since 2011 and who is endorsed by the NRA and NSSF.  So here I am on Big Commerce and building the store as I write this.  I will go on line soon but will have about 1/3 of my stock listed and will be adding stuff each day till I am finished.  So if you know anyone being harassed because they sell items related to guns have them call me and I can tell them how they can set up doing business without all the harassment. You know the way it is supposed to be when you are selling legal products in America

I am not sure about the shopping cart yet and how I can set shipping but if it is flat rate I will have to deal with that.  Not the best for you guys because if you want one small part the shipping could be more.  But if you look around you will find all the gun cleaning stuff you use anyway and at great prices so could add some of that with no addition to the shipping cost so you save.  For the guys stocking up they will save a lot.

And just so you know an idiot (me) is building this store and there will be mistakes.  I reserve the right not to fill an order is it is a serious and very obvious error but will honor most of them.  Also if you guys see something stupid I did and would e-mail or call me so I can fix it I would appreciate.  And as always and seek input into items to carry and of course my prices.