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Terms, Shipping & Returns

NOTE:  I ship same or next business day by 2-3 day Priority USPS for a flat rate of $11.40,  Consider this prompt shipping by Priority Mail when you compare prices if this matters to you.   There are exceptions such as heavy orders, large orders and some orders to the west coast because of the shipping cost may ship ground or parcel but will still be at the flat rate of $11.40.  Also if you are local and Ground Advantage will get the order to you in the exact same days as priority I will ship Ground Advantage.

The US Post Office does not guarantee delivery in 2-3 days but they are most always on except during the Holiday season.  It is the best way to ship as it is faster then ground or parcel in most all cases. 

Some heavy order items like barrels will have an add on shipping factored at check out of up to $3 depending on the size of the barrel.

Many items are in large retail packaging with hanging tabs so items or parts of an order might be removed from those large packaging. 

All of the above actions are to keep shipping cost down as I did not raise them in 2023 or in 2024 even though rates went up.  So these cost saving methods are working.  

By ordering from this store you acknowledge and confirm that you are ordering items listed on this website and agree to their following conditions:




Payments, Shipping, & Refunds


Note:  Canceled orders will be refunded less a 5% transaction fee due to the fees assessed against me for the transactions.   Returned items will be refunded less 5% plus the shipping fee I spent sending you the item.  So if in doubt that the item you are ordering will fit your weapon or is the item you want please call me and avoid this fee and the extra work on me.

Some places charge a 15% restocking fee for returns so my 5% is fair if you make a mistake.   If I make the mistake and send you the wrong item I will send you a paid for shipping label to return it and send you the correct item or refund all your purchase including the shipping.  You won't pay a cent for my mistake as I don't want to pay for your mistake, fair?

Read Magazine Restriction on the top menu bar of the Home Page of this web site.   You are responsible to know your state laws and magazine capacities. If you order and item that cannot be shipped to your state or municipality I will not ship the order and I will refund all but 15% of the cost of the Illegal items and of course I will refund your shipping since I did not ship the order. I don’t agree with any restrictions on our Second Amendment Rights but as an FFL I will not jeopardize my license breaking these laws and end my ability to conduct business.





We accept the following forms of payment:
1. Credit Card through our website's secure checkout
Check or money order.







1. Orders shipped through USPS 2-3 day priority with detailed tracking provided. See #3 for exceptions.

2. Standard delivery time is 2-3 business days from the date your order was placed.

3      Some large orders may ship ground but still at the flat shipping price

4.  Large and Heavy items can have a surcharge on the shipping and that will added in at check out.  Average surcharge is $3 on Barrels as these are heavy items in long boxes for the most part.  You will see this in the price at check out.




Return Policy:


Manufacturer’s warranty applies to items sold. Contact us for Returns due to shipping errors, wrong items ordered or missing items.





Order Cancellation Policy:


You may cancel an order ONLY if you contact us prior to shipping.  I will charge you 5% of the order because I can not recoup the fees that were charged to me at check out.  We ship most order same or next business day. You must contact us immediately if you wish to cancel your order.




This site is owned and operated by AI&P Tactical, LLC. Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. All credit card information processed through our secure server is not stored by us other than name and contact information and I do not even see your CC info as that is processed through Authorized.net


We do not sell or provide your information or any order information with any third parties.