Spring Update April 2022.

Posted by JD McGuire, Owner on Apr 20th 2022

Well, things are still hard to get.  Of course, Remington is still not shipping parts and called me to ask if I had some parts to sell

Still Here

Posted by JD McGuire, Owner on Jan 25th 2022

January 25, 2022.  As you can tell I am still here.   It's been difficult for so many reasons but being an old Jarhead I just

High Cap Magazines

Posted by JD McGuire, owner on Sep 3rd 2019

If looking for high cap magazines make sure you read the entire description because it will have the states I will not ship to based on each

AI&P Tactical Gun Slings has moved here

Posted by JD McGuire, owner AI&P LLC on Jun 18th 2019

After several successful years on Go Daddy the Wells Fargo Bank and Stripe payment processing decided I could not longer use their services