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Remington Shotgun Parts

I am a Remington Master Gun Shop and a Factory Certified Remington Law Enforcement Armorer.   I have the best prices for Remington parts you can find on the web and of course below Remington's retail price.

Knowing the right part to get can be confusing and as you read the parts description here on my store you will see on many parts I offer detailed descriptions and explain the differences.   I also have helpful videos that show you the correct way to install the part.

For some parts I will install them free for you.  I can do this because of the flat rate shipping on my store cost me the exact same to send you the parts as it does to ship the assembly I installed it in back to you.   This would work like this:  Say you buy the Tactical Carrier for the 1100/1187.  You then e-mail me immediately after the sale (as my shipping is so fast) and I hold the order.   You send me your trigger plate assembly.  I install the carrier and then ship it back to you for no extra charge.  Why?  Because I can install that in 2 minutes and not damage the part and by offering such a great service I am proving I want your business.  The big boy sites won't do that for you.

If unsure if you need a certain part or if it is the right one you can e-mail me or call and ask.  I want you to get the right part and I want to avoid returns.

Even if not shopping for parts now take a look around the site anyway and you will see what is being offered and know where to find it.