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Gun Smith Tools

Tools for gun smith and gun owners to help with install of parts and maintenance

  • 3/16" Ball end Allen Wrench 3/16th Ball end Allen Wrench ball end

    3/16 Ball End Allen Wrench

    Some of the stock bolts for after market Remington Shotguns and other guns use cap screw type bolts with 3/16th allen heads.  These have a ball head on the long end which is very effective when you are at a slight angle and the short end has the...

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  • AR Amorers Wrench

    AR Amorers Wrench Spanner Wrench

    Already have one of these.  This is well below dealer cost as I miss ordered and have more then I can sell in ten years.   I will take the hit as a lesson  learned and sell these down to a reasonable amount of them in stock...

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  • Remington Bore light

    Remington Bore light

    • Ideal for inspecting used firearms• cleaning firearms and inspecting bore for obstructions• Flex neck allows for inspection of hard to reach areas• Magnetic body that allows you to attach to receiver• Compact• easy to...

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