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Why you should call me

If you have any question you should call.   Many years ago I put this saying on my main web site " If you are to busy to talk to your customers you won't be to busy very long.   I always take time to answer questions and often this saves you from buying something you don't need.

For example.   Many guys think they are upgrading their Express when they buy an 870 Police Breech bolt.  Wrong.  Exact same breech bolt except the extractor.   So get the forged Extractor and you now have a Police Breech Bolt.   I don't want to make the sale of a breech bolt you don't need when a small part sale will get what your want.

Some guys start buying parts because they are having an issue with their 870 and some friend told them it was this or that.  If you don't know for sure then call me.   I have helped hundreds of guys with issues over the years and very often it is a simple issue and far less cost then what their friend told them.  

Also, most all the parts I sell are things that the average Joe can install or replace.   I can talk you through it and if that is not enough I can show you on Skiipe.   And yes, there are things that I can not show how to do for liability reason but those are very few.  

So, if you have any questions give me a call.   I loose a lot of sales to this but I sleep very sound at night.