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  • Land Navigational Compass Land Navigational Compass

    Land Navigational Compass

    This is an inexpensive Land Navigational Compass that works.  Has scale, magnifying glass and hair line allows for accurate sighting.  Because of the low price I recommend these as a...

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  • Mylar Emergency Blanket

    Mylar Emergency Blanket

    If any product costing a dollar can save your life this is it.  Small and easy to carry in a cargo pocket, vest, back pack or glove box of your vehicle.   This simple Mylar Blanket is not...

    $1.00 - $4.75
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  • Wrist Compass Wrist Compass

    Wrist Compass

    40 years ago I was a K-9 Officer and needed a good compass.   I got a Tekna Wrist Compass and have used it ever since.   I don't go in the woods without it.   This...

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