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Knife Laws

Yep, some states have laws on the length of the blade you can have in that state.   Many have laws on how and where you can carry a knife.   Some are cut and dry ( now pun intended) and others would take a Legal Scholar to understand.

So considering the above I am putting it on you to know they laws of your state.   I won't leave you hanging so I am putting a link on here from the guys that understand this stuff the American Knife and Tool Institute.   Click on this and a Map of your state will come up and you can melt your freaking brain trying to figure it out 'cause I can't.   I have a Concealed Carry License with Law Enforcement Exemption from the Pistol Free Zones yet I am breaking the law in my state if I carry a certain knife a certain way.   I can double tap an assailant with .45 ACP but I will go to jail if I cut him with a blade 1/4 to long.   So do you best to figure it out guys.  If I see any order for a knife that looks like it can't ship I will check the law and advise you of why I can not ship that particular knife and I refund you purchase price.  No fee for this like on magazines because the knife thing is so complicated where the Magazine thing is easy to understand.

Here is the link I promised Check your state out before you buy

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