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Personal Alarms

Personal Alarms.

  • Mace Personal Alarm, 130bd Mace Personal Alarm, 130bd

    Mace Personal Alarm, 130bd

    Note:  This is an audible alarm and contains no chemical agent.  Mace is the Company brand name.  The Mace Brand Personal Alarm Keychain is a compact personal alarms. The alarm is activated by depressing the button on the front of the...

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  • Sabre PARAINN01 Personal Alarm Key chain 110dB

    Sabre PARAINN01 Personal Alarm Keychain 110dB

    This Personal Alarm from Sabre has 110dB dual-siren audible for up to 300'. The Personal Alarm is great for students, moms, runners, seniors, service industry personnel, commuters, nurses or anyone who wants an added layer of help in a possible emergency...

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