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Still Here

Posted by JD McGuire, Owner www.tacticalgunslings.com on Jan 25th 2022

January 25, 2022.  As you can tell I am still here.   It's been difficult for so many reasons but being an old Jarhead I just know the word Quit.   I was hoping Remington would be in production by now but have accepted it could be several years and I have very little confidence that I will again be a Master Gun Shop and LE Dealer as the new Remington owners could make the buy in and yearly purchase amounts out of my reach.

I am going to keep this store going and have added hundreds of items for sale.   I have over 100 different magazines for rifles and handguns from major manufactures and most all are Factory Magazines.   The few non Factory Magazines I list all work and at the lowest prices I can sell them for.

Knives have not been a good seller for me because of the multiple sites dedicated to knives only and the volumes that they buy and can sell at.   I will keep knives on the store and do my best to match their prices. 

I am adding Armorer Tools because today's gun owners are doing so much themselves and, in many areas, the nearest Gun Smith can be over 100 miles away (like in my area).   So gun owners are getting better at maintaining and repairing their own guns.   Check out that category often as I am adding more weekly and will be adding repair manuals when I can find a good supplier.

I made up a saying back when I started doing building my custom guns and have kept now that I no longer build them.  I got old and my hands just don't work well enough to do that work.   It is this:

"If you are to busy to talk to your customers, you won't be to busy very long"

I always answer or return calls 7 days a week and even late into the night.   I don't want guys buying the wrong thing or even worse buying something they don't need so being here to answer question prevents a lot of that.

My number is 231-690-0954 and I take calls from about 10am EST to around 11pm EST 7 days a week.  I even take calls when fishing (if they are not biting) and I return calls as soon as I can.