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Spring Update April 2022.

Posted by JD McGuire, Owner on Apr 20th 2022

Well, things are still hard to get.  Of course, Remington is still not shipping parts and called me to ask if I had some parts to sell them as they are having problems getting parts from their vendors to build guns.

I am still keeping my prices low, even when I have something that is out of stock on most all my competitors' sites.   I hope you guys see that and it makes you at least come here first when you are looking for something.

I just completed an 18 X 40 warehouse, and I am trying to find new products to carry and as always, I welcome input from the people wanting and using these products and I now have room for more stock.  I always answer my phone and I consider all requests.  A customer from CA bought some mags and told me he wanted some S&W SD9 10rd mags but I only had the 16rd.   I thanked him for reminding me because I am trying to all the 10rd I can for those of you having your Second Amendment Rights infringed upon by magazine capacity restriction.  So I order them.

Washington state is going to be subjected to a 10rd max on magazines starting July 1st 2022.  I know they are filing law suits on it and hope they cram that law up their legislators asses.  Hopefully we can get judges that understand the words "Shall not be infringed" and all these law get reversed.  

I am still shipping same or next day and the exception will be an emergency ( fish biting, a friend calls to hit the trial on the quads) and I will still try to get you order out fast.