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Weapons lights & other Lights

Weapon mounted and hand held lights

  • Surefire G2X Pro Dual Output Flashlight

    Surefire G2X Pro, 15 & 600 Lumens

    I use this light and provide these lights for the Security Officers that work for me in my Security Company.   This new model has to levels, 15 and 600 lumens.  This Polymer body light is super tough and my guys prove it as hard on...

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  • Surefire Wrist Weapons Light

    This is my Professional Dealers Cost and only a few left so they will not go below this I will move these to creat revene and satisfied getting my money back as I want to expand more into Remington barrels and parts.   I am a Sure Dealer so you can...

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  • Surefire wrist light with watch, OEM

    Surefire Wrist Weapons Light/Watch

    I am a Sure Dealer so you can be assued this is the Original Product and not a China Clone.   There is so much in the Description that I am simply posting the Link to Surefire so you can read all the features of this great light.  A one...

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  • TL Racker Mossberg 500/590

    TL Racker Mossberg 500/590, 850 Lumens

    Integrated and Sleek 850 Lumen Shotgun Forend Light  for the 12ga Mossberg shotgun model 500 and 590 You asked - and again - we listened! With the TL-Racker, we present an all-in-one integrated shotgun forend light. It features a sleek design...

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